What we believe

Involving and engaging people from across the business helps the best ideas surface and come to light.

Through encouraging your people to share knowledge and influence direction; your business will move much faster.

Engaging people

This challenging, yet much more powerful way of working generates true commitment to ongoing change and performance improvement.

Biography – Mark Pepper MSc

A short bio from the founder of MP Associates, Mark Pepper MSc.

With an early background in manufacturing, sales and merchant banking, Mark discovered his passion in 1998. He completed an MSc in organisation consulting at Ashridge, psychotherapy and counselling in London and he started working as an organisation consultant in 2001.

Since then Mark has formed MP Associates and built an impressive international client base through referral, relationship and trust. He works across 23 countries for mainly multinational clients specialising in strategic and cultural change through systemic intervention, performance improvement, leadership, strategy and teams.

The common theme in Mark’s work is helping individuals, groups and organisations to move forward to a better future. Mark firmly believes in the connection between happiness, integrity, determination and success in thriving systems. He encourages people to take ownership and transform their personal situation where possible. Mark has achieved preferred provider status in several global organisations. If Mark’s approach was to be summarised it might be: ‘moving beyond what is’.

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